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Different colors of dresses

 Different colors of dresses

As we are about to bid adieu to 2020, It's that time of the year, when many annual award functions, Gala dinners, weddings, and corporate functions take place, and you cannot around rocking a pair of sweatpants on these happening occasion. You need to catch as many eyeballs as you can.

And to help you in this cause, umissu is here with its amazing collection of sexy prom dresses that are destined to catch every guy's attention and every girl’s jealousy. From the sexy prom dresses collection, it was quite difficult to select, but here we are with 4 prom dresses that should have a place in your wardrobe and your heart!

So ladies, get ready to raise the temperature in that special event!

Elegant black prom dress

Easily, making it to the top of the list is this elegant black velour V-neck long style prom dress, which is best suited for a formal award function. If you face a situation where you have to look your best at all costs, this black prom dress can be your go to option.

With the polyester fabric and comfortable size options, this black prom dress of 2020 always makes you look slimmer and helps you hide that extra pound you’ve gained during this quarantine. 

If you still have a question in your mind, regarding can you wear a black prom dress in a ceremony then, take a look at Rihanna's dress at the 5th annual diamond ball. That Givenchy gown Rihanna wore got her the most limelight in the evening and it was easily the best outfit of any star at the night.

With this black prom dress, you can wear a sparkling while footwear like a sandal, and also carry a black-colored clutch to complete the look. Like in this picture, a matching accessory with the dress can do wonders.

Olive green prom dress

If you’re looking for a prom dress that screams richness and classiness from it, then this olive green bead ruffle is the perfect prom dress to give you the feel of a princess. The lace fabric that is used in this olive green prom dress makes it a bit light-weight as compared to other fabrics and at the same time looks sexy and plump.

The golden stone-work in the top half of the dress matches perfectly with the rest of the prom dress as the golden color usually pops with the olive green and compliments the overall dress well.

Coming to the sleeves, the sleeves are long and transparent, adding the concept of luxury to the dress, as we can notice, a lot of trendy prom dresses comes with transparent long sleeves. A tiara of matching color, at the top, can add up to the overall look making it even beautiful.

This green prom dress is a masterpiece in itself, and it can be perfectly suited for day-time events too. If some amazing sunlight is reflected on this prom dress, you could easily look like a fairy landed from heaven!

Moon Gray-blue prom dress

Wondering on what to wear on this new year's eve, this simple yet aesthetic Moon gray prom dress would give every other girl a run for their money. This prom dress creates the perfect night ceremony vibes with its moon-gray shade that is best suited for cocktail parties and gala dinners.

The top is crafted with amazing golden stonework and has trumpet transparent sleeves till the elbows, but the design which will blow everyone away is the floral design in the bottom half of the dress. The golden flowers crafted covers all of the dress and complete the outfit.

Grey prom-dresses are quite popular among celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Megan fox, most of the celebrities are seen wearing them on award functions and red carpets. You can check out Kim Kardashian's grey prom dress from Cannes and you'll get to know the potential this grey prom dress holds.

Speaking of potential, this grey-prom dress will be best suitable for warm-light skin tone, like that of Kim Kardashian, so if you're confused over what will suit your skin tone, you should select this grey prom dress with closed eyes. Hurry up, Umissu is running a flat 50% off on this sexy grey prom dress as part of the Christmas special offer.

Stereoscopic pink prom dress

Looking to make a statement and craving for the perfect Cinderella or Barbie look? This paste color strapless hot pink prom dress should be the ideal outfit for stealing every guy’s heart this fall-functions season.

What makes this hot pink prom dress unique is its color palette, as this mesmerizing pink dress compliments almost every skin tone. From warm glowing skin to tan skin, this pink color opens up to every girl who is wearing this. 


Arguably the best trait of this pink prom dress is the lace on the top of the outfit which gives it a queen-like stature and also the long length of this, which would look an absolute masterpiece on any long and slim women out there!

Our recommendation is to wear a matching golden-pink earring and rings to make the outfit go alright! Wearing matching footwear of white color will work as icing on the cake and provide more hotness to this already hot pink prom dress.

So wrapping up the prom dress coverage for today, we listed out our personal favorite sexy prom dresses which you should definitely buy to be the center of attraction in whichever function you tend to wear.

The advantage that comes with prom dresses are, you can be playful while staying in the code of formal-party wear. And, at Umissu, you get the best prom dresses at much affordable rates that are destined to amaze others! What are you waiting for, they're having a holiday special sale, go grab your piece and a lot of eye balls with

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