piątek, 20 maja 2022


Hey loved ones!

It's us again! Recently, we have been visiting the blog more often and we are delighted that despite the fact that you post content here rarely, you are still with us! Views and incoming followers talk about it! We are very pleased that we can share our content with you!

Recently there were swimwear, so today it's underwear time! In this case, we focus on comfort and classics! This is what the Cosmolle brand is all about! We recently came across it on the internet and it stole our hearts completely! A wide range, bra bundle, comfortable underwear! We will find there everything we really need at great prices and promotions. Now you will find discounts on the website, so we invite you to shop! The bras look very comfortable and solid. We will definitely be tempted by one ourselves!

We were most interested in seamless thong. We have been struggling with abrasions in the groin area for a long time, which was very troublesome for us. We have been looking for the perfect, seamless  for a long time and we just found it! What else captivated us while browsing the website were photos of models on which we can see stretch marks. It is a great initiative for women who have complexes and are ashamed to show off in their underwear. Not every brand shows that each of us has imperfections and is not ashamed of them, and even shows them. Below we insert the picture we have in mind. One more applause for the Cosmolle brand! Good job! The colors of the underwear themselves are quite universal and Basic, which we love! We don't like exaggerated patterns and glaring colors. The prices are also very attractive for such well-made products. We will definitely shop on this site, and you? Let me know what you think in the comments!
Pink looks great with a tan! If we were to choose it would be our favorite!

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